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...I can immediately take up this program and tour village to village and town to town. It will be very, very effective, I know that....
...I wish I could join you. I like your program very much. If you continue this program you will be benefited, people will be benefited and everyone will be happy...
...We can introduce many millions of such carts all over the world...
    Srila Prabhupada

Devotees celebrate Padayatra India’s 30th anniversary in Pandharpur
October 1, 2014

Radhastami 2014 fell on September 2nd. On this auspicious day a group of devotees celebrated Padayatra India’s 30 years on the road in ISKCON Pandharpur. From the outset, Radhastami has always been a significant day for Padayatra.It was at the time of Radhastami in 1976 in Delhi that Lokanath Swami Maharaja and the newly initiated […]

Padayatra India: from West Bengal to Orissa
September 23, 2014

THE LAST DAYS IN WEST BENGAL Undaunted despite the constant rain The Padayatra in  Bengal took place during the rainy season.  It rained every day.  On some days it rained so strongly that all we had to do to take an ablution was to stand outside for a few seconds. In spite of the weather […]

Andhra Pradesh padayatra approaching Hyderabad
September 16, 2014

Even though Padayatra Andhra Pradesh has now only four  devotees – the leader Vishnu Swamy Dasa, Srinivas Sevananda Dasa, Ramanuja Dasa andChandra Mouli- the preaching is still going strong, and the response good, especially in villages. They are now about 90 kms away from Hyderabad.In the month of August 2014 the bullock cart padayatra party traveled 86 […]

A 64 day Maharashtra Padayatra marks the 500th anniversary of Lord Caitanya’s travels through that state
August 9, 2014

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s visit to Maharashtra while He was on His south India tour, the WIDC (Western Indian Divisional Council including all the ISKCON temples and centers in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa) organized a Sankirtana Padayatra from Kolhapur to Nasik. ISKCON devotees followed the very same path […]

More padayatras in New Zealand and Australia
July 2, 2014

Four small padayatras in New Zealand since February 2014 Since February 2014 we have done four  small padayatras in New Zealand: Padayatra Far North “Pioneer & Pilgrims Tour” Duration:  10 days Distance:  140km Participants: 10/12 national devotees, men, women, youth and children Padayatra Deep South “From Schist to Saffron dust” Duration:  8 days Distance:  100km […]

Dindi-yatra from Dehu to Pune to Pandharpur
June 17, 2014

Participate in the world’s greatest walking festival, The Dindi yatra from Dehu to Pandharpur in Maharashtra, India June 20 to July 7 2014 ISKCON Pune is organizing its 18th Hare Krishna Sankirtana Dindi from Dehu to Pandharpur. Dindi-yatra is one of the oldest and largest pilgrimages in India. Along the way pilgrims  sing devotional songs […]

Padayatra South Africa
June 14, 2014

Given the repressive laws in South Africa prior to 1994, the idea of padayatra was at best not possible. Post democracy meant that there was greater freedom to exercise religious and cultural activities. That’s why, on September 3, 1994, one hundred chanting and dancing devotees wheeled the country’s first padayatra cart along the main street […]

50 Padayatras
June 13, 2014

FROM GAURA PURNIMA  2014 TO THE END OF 2016, YEAR OF THE 50th ANNIVERSARY OF ISKCON. Already  done,  on the road or planned : 1- Padayatra India:  on the road since Sept 1984, now led by Acarya Dasa 2- Orissa (India) : annual walk since 1992, team headed  by Advaita Acarya Dasa 3- Vraja Mandala […]

Annual Padayatra/Ratha-yatra in Lithuania since 1995
May 30, 2014

When Lithuanian Padayatra started in 1995, it was well received by the citizens who were essentially inspired by their new found freedom- the country had gained its independence from USSR in 1991. Itsnational flag symbolises the strength and courage of its population of 3.4 million, and two of itscolours- yellow and green-represent the country’strolling wheatfields and […]

Andhra Pradesh : February to April 2014
May 23, 2014

Russian devotees join the walk for a few weeks At the end of January we were joined by two Russian devotees albeit only for a few days, Kavicandra  Dasa, 45 years old,  and Jai Tirtha Dasa, 30 years old.  We had met them in Jagannath Puri at my Guru Maharaja’s Vyasa-puja. While they were on […]

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