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...I can immediately take up this program and tour village to village and town to town. It will be very, very effective, I know that....
...I wish I could join you. I like your program very much. If you continue this program you will be benefited, people will be benefited and everyone will be happy...
...We can introduce many millions of such carts all over the world...
    Srila Prabhupada

Taking darsana of Lord Rama in Vontimitta
November 20, 2015

By Acarya Dasa, assisted by Jayabhadra Dasi and Lila Suka Dasi We arrived in Vontimitta on the 2nd of October. Vontimitta is one of the mandal headquarters[1] of the Kadapa district. It is a small town situated about 28 kilometers from the Kadapa Chennai main road. Here our party visited the Kodanda Rama Temple (Sri […]

The Walking Monk from ( October 12 to 27, 2015)
November 16, 2015

Monday, October 12th, 2015 Mississauga, Ontario Sorting Out The Trails “Since the Supreme is the origin of all facets of life, including ourselves, where does hate come into the picture?” asked Raj as we stepped through the trees on a trail near his home. Raj had been questioning this for years, wondering how hate or […]

Lokanath Swami joins Padayatra India in Tirupati
November 14, 2015

by Acharya Dasa , assisted by Jayabhadra Dasi, with contributions from Subhang Balarama Dasa The devotees of the All India Padayatra have been walking through Andhra Pradesh for nine months. The party now found themselves in the Chittoor district and heading towards Tirupati. There are currently more than 30 devotees including a disciple of Srila […]

Bringing the Holy Names to schools
November 10, 2015

By Acarya Dasa (assisted by Jayabhadra Dasi) The ‘All India Padayatra’ travels to many different parts of the country and on their journey they also try to visit schools. The aim of visiting schools is to give the children the transcendental taste of the holy names. During the month of October the padayatra party visited […]

Russia: Five Week Padayatra
November 4, 2015

– From July 10th to August 25th 2015 a group of devotees from 8 different cities walked from Rostov-on-don to Anapa. – Among the participants were 3 temple devotees , 23 members of the congregation (10 grhastas, 12 grhastis, 3 brahmacaris and 3 teen-agers). Every day local devotees joined the party, bringing the total up […]

New Vraja Mandala Parikrama website
November 3, 2015

We are very happy to inform you that you can now daily follow the parikrama from your armchair in your own home thanks to the new website: You’ll get the daily schedule, a great photo gallery, the names of the devotees to contact, the list of the 10 offenses in the dhama. You’ll be […]

50 padayatras
November 2, 2015

FROM GAURA PURNIMA 2014 TO THE END OF 2016 The pledge of the Padayatra Worldwide Ministry is to organise at least 50 padayatras before the end of 2016 in order to celebrate ISKCON’s fiftieth birthday in a grand, fun and joyful way. Please note that the system to count  the padayatras is different from the […]

The unique Taiwan Padayatra of a late padayatri Sankirtana dasa

By Lokanath Swami  (excerpt from his upcoming Padayatra Story book) Introduction by Gaurangi Dasi editor of the book):  Sankirtana Dasa quit his body last Janmastami, after a few years of struggle with cancer. He was certainly a valiant vaisnava soldier. Fully dedicated to the mission, willing to take risks and undergo austerities to spread the holy […]

Properly representing our Parampara on Padayatra by constant chanting, compassion for the fallen souls and determination in spiritual life
October 25, 2015

By Niranjana Swami I have a lot I could say but I will try to keep it as brief as possible. First of all I really should say that I came to the Lithuanian padayatra this year because of the persistent requests of Ananda Gaurangi. And I am grateful that she was persistent in her […]

Padayatra Lithuania 2015
October 24, 2015

By Ananda Gaurangi dasi Padayatra Lithuania 2015 took place in four major Lithuanian cities – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai and the biggest Lithuanian resort city – Palanga. This year we had four special guests: Niranjana Swami for the first time, and Bhakti Caitanya Swami, Bhakti Saran Santa Goswami and Bhakti Swarupa Caitanya Swami. The presence […]

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