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5th One-day padayatra (Walk for Peace) by ISKCON Jalgaon
February 3, 2023

By Chaitanya Jivan Dasa (President) The devotees of Jalgaon, under the guidance of Anantasesa Dasa (Zonal supervisor Vidharbha region), organized a 5th one-day padayatra on January 26th, 2023. Jalgaon is a major city in western India, located in the northern part of the state of Maharashtra within the region of Khandesh. We have a small […]

Nepal Padayatra restarts after Vraja-mandala Parikrama
January 22, 2023

  By Dayal Gopal dasa, Nepal Padayatra leader The Nepal Padayatra restarted in the Jhapa district in southeast Nepal on November 17, 2022, following a gap of two months while the padayatris went on Vraja-mandala Parikrama. Our first stop was at Kerkha village near the Kamala River. A family in the village welcomed us and […]

A padayatri’s experiences walking Nepal’s roads
January 17, 2023

  By Dayal Gopal dasa, Nepal Padayatra leader Padayatra is continuing in Nepal and we are walking on the Mahendra Highway running the length of the country from east to west, the only major highway in Nepal. At the eastern tip of Nepal, we came to the Mechi River, a trans-boundary waterway flowing through Nepal […]

Inspiring talk by Acharya Dasa on Bhagavad-Gita distribution
January 11, 2023

Acharya Dasa, All India Padayatra leader On December 2, 2022 Hare Kṛiṣhṇa! Please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet Gurumaharaj. My humble obeisances at the lotus feet of all the assembled Vaishnavas. Some devotees distribute books for one month or two months – but in this Padayatra team, we distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books […]

Padayatris celebrate Kartik in Vraja-mandala Parikrama 2022
January 2, 2023

  By Jayabhadra devi dasi This year was the thirty-sixth Vraja-mandala Parikrama. For thirty-five years parikrama has been going on and on, with just a one-year gap due to Covid. Vraja-mandala Parikrama is a project of padayatra so every year all padayatris join parikrama, including those from the All India, Maharashtra, Utkal-Banga, Andhra Pradesh and […]

Radhastami marks All India Padayatra’s thirty-eight years of preaching
December 5, 2022

  By Acarya dasa, All India Padayatra leader The Radhastami celebration is a great day in the lives of padayatris. It is the birthday of Srimati Radharani and also that of our All India Padayatra which has now turned thirty-eight years of age. Padayatra was inaugurated on Radhastami 1984 at Dwaraka and since then has […]

Padayatra ox Gopal succumbs to lumpy virus
December 4, 2022

  By Acarya dasa, All India Padayatra leader On the morning of September 17, 2022, All India Padayatra ox Gopal left his body. We were in Maman Khurda village in the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh. Gopal had been suffering from lumpy skin disease, a viral infection of cows and oxen not seen in India until […]

Experiencing the All India Padayatra at Noida
December 1, 2022

By Radhakunda dasa ISKCON Noida devotees got the news that the All India Padayatra would be at Noida’s Sri Sri Radha-Govind Dev temple for Janmastami. The devotees eagerly anticipated the party’s arrival, until finally on August 16 the padayatris were at our temple. Former padayatri Bajrangi dasa along with Chakrapani Chaitanya dasa received padayatra at […]

Blissful days of Vraja-mandala Parikrama
November 30, 2022

  By Jayabhadra Devi Dasi I am always waiting for the month of Kartik for that is the time to run to Vrindavan dham and the best part of Vrindavan is the Vraja-mandala Parikrama. It’s a wonderful experience and the whole world is now becoming aware of the parikrama and its darshan sthalis, the pastimes […]

Padayatra experiences
November 19, 2022

By Acarya Dasa 15 November 2022 We heard about Govardhan yatra of Srila Prabhupada, Vraja Mandal Parikram and Padayatra, Guru Maharaja HH Lokanath Maharaja is the source of all three. Whenever we meet Srila Gurudev, he speaks about padayatra. Whenever Maharaja speaks of padayatra, his face blooms like a lotus. In 2011, there was the […]

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