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Appeal from Narada prabhu

April 30, 2020

Hare Krishna dear devotees! 

I hope that all of you are safe right now and happy in Krishna consciousness!


By the kind mercy of Lokanath Swami, Padayatra Worldwide minister, the Ministry team and senior padayatris, we are happy to introduce all of you to the Gaura Vani Padayatra group. As all ISKCON padayatras it is propagating harinam sankirtan to many towns and villages of Russia and Europe. For the past 5 years, I’ve been heading a group of an average of 20 devotees from Russia and Eastern Europe, both men and women. As the distances are great, we travel in a vehicle and stop in various cities and villages to do long harinam (Yes, we also walk!), organize and participate in festivals in various temples and nama-hattas. We travel about 4 months in the summer and 2 in the winter, with the following results:


– 9 padayatra tours within 5 years (Narada dasa in front)

– 12 countries visited; Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Germany,

Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia,

100+  festivals for devotees in various temples and nama-hattas:

– 108 devotees participants so far. Usually, we have 15 – 20 core group including brahmacaris and grihasthas with children.

–  320 hours of harinam sankirtan

– 800 km (497 miles) on foot


– 9080 Srila Prabhupada books


– The first and only Bullock Cart Padayatra in Russia since 1992 and we are going to continue with more padayatras and a longer one




By the end of the Coronavirus quarantine, we need to get a new van or bus to start our padayatra. We are not asking for any kind of expensive vehicle, we need a basic and reliable one with 9 – 15 seats.


Usually, our team consists of 20 padayatra devotees and our van has only 9 seats.  Somehow for 3 years we managed with our small van but it was not safe to travel this way. Also, it is best to have ladies and men traveling in different vans to maintain a pure spirit for preaching.

In Ukraine there are some old (35 years) used Mercedes-Benz 208D vans in good condition for about  4000 US$. It would be austere because it would need to be repaired often and would not be so comfortable,  but we would be happy with it. If devotees give some more lakshmi than we can get a better and a newer van for 8000 US$. For example Sprinter  ( 313cdi long 2001)


Here are the various options:

  • – $ 20 — Every town and Village (400 needed to reach the target)
    – $ 50 — Friend of Padayatra (160 needed to reach the target )
    – $ 108 — Servant of Padayatra (74 needed to reach the target )
    – $ 200 — Padayatra member (40 needed to reach the target )
    – $ 300 — Padayatra Maha member (27 needed to reach the target )
    – $ 500 — Padayatra patron (16 needed to reach the target )
    – $ 1008 — Padayatra super patron (8 needed to reach the target )

As you saw in the list above there are options for every kind of budget.

Of course, you can donate any amount and we will highly appreciate that!

We will send you a message to acknowledge each donation received and will regularly keep you informed of the total laksmi received.



You can do a donation now and download our text file to make donations monthly or any time you want.

Open donation details


Your servant, Narada dasa

Gaura Vani Padayatra coordinator

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