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March 10, 2017

By Acarya Dasa

After travelling to Tenkasi we headed for Trevelli, but somewhere along the way we lost track and ended up in a different village. The residents here were happy to see us, and welcomed Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar by paying obeisances. They seemed to know very well who Their Lordships were and how They were travelling all over India distributing mercy.

Ramanuja Dasa

We were quite astonished by how they knew all of this. One resident approached us and asked where we were going to stay the night. We had not made any arrangements yet, so he offered to help. I asked him how they knew about us and to my surprise he said,

“This is the village of Ramanuja Dasa, a devotee of the Sri Sampradaya. He came to our village and preached about Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar.”

He went on to say that Ramanuja Dasa explained to them about padayatra and said one day padayatra may even come to their village. Ramanuja Dasa had served Nitai Gaurasundar doing pujari seva on padayatra for seven years. He currently stays in Vrindavan and is a very great devotee who does a lot of austerity. During catur masa he eats only once a day, he doesn’t wear shoes, and he completed the ‘Char Dham’ yatra by himself.

The Lord’s arrangements

We realized that we actually had not lost track at all by coming here; this was part of Their Lordships’ plan. This was how the Lord reciprocated with them, personally coming to give darsana to those who were serving Them and had been waiting for Them.

We performed sankirtana and were joined by many of the locals who danced to the holy names.


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