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August 25, 2017

By Acarya Dasa

Our pāda-yātrā party reached Kannur city on August 7th. Kannur, also known as Cannanore, is located in the district of Kannur and is the administrative headquarters of the area.

Nitai Gaurasundar calls Mr. Haradev from Muscat

It had been raining for the past few days and getting accommodation was a little difficult at times. So, before travelling to Kannur I called a good friend of pāda-yātrā, Mr. Haradev. This was his hometown; I was hoping he could help us. Mr. Haradev currently lives outside of India in Muscat, Oman. We called and told him that we would be visiting Kannur and asked whether he could help us arrange accommodation there since he has a house in the city. He said he could not help us this time because he was busy. We wondered what to do, but we had to continue with our schedule. Due to heavy rains we arrived in Kannur a day later than planned. That night I received a message from Mr. Haradev; he and his family would be coming to India after all! I was so happy.

We travelled to his home to meet him and he welcomed us with ārati and garlands. He also made all the necessary arrangements for our accommodation, prasādam and food for the bulls. He attended all the programs we had around the city, performing saṅkīrtana and distributing books in different areas. Mr. Haradev also kindly gave a donation to our pāda-yātrā. Later, I asked him how his plans had suddenly changed so he could come to India? He replied, “I thought, ‘The Lord is coming to my home town and the ratha (cart) will cross the road in front of my house. How can I not go?’ So, I asked my boss for leave but it was denied. I thought ‘Oh! All gone, now I can’t go.’ I still had a strong desire to go so, I prayed to the Lord to please help me. Then I got news that you will arrive in the city a day late. I was glad. I again went to my boss and by the Lord’s mercy, he agreed. I booked flights and I came with my family to take darśana of Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar.”

Therefore, if you have a strong desire the Lord will definitely help you.  Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar pulled Mr.Haradev to Them. He spent about a lakh ($1,498.37) on airplane tickets and he also gave his time to serve the pāda-yātris.

Jai Nitai Gaurasundar!


All India Padayatra Book Distribution Scores for the month of July


Devotee Mahabig


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Srimad Bhagavatam


Yashvaredhan Dasa 808 144 01 04
Damodar Leela Dasa 804 126 01 84
Uttam Narharee Dasa 740 51 09 2 sets
Sanatan Dham Dasa 708 73 01 248 1 set
Rasraj Gour Dasa 676 164 155
Bhakta Alok 616 55 59
Madan G H Dasa 531 67 80
Shanti P Dasa 512 06 01
Sunder Govind Dasa 504 67 01 32
Bhadra Balaram Dasa 463 49 28
Bhakta Sanjay 437 48 28
Survanshi Dasa & Kalanidhi Dasa 426 64 2 62 School Preaching
Krishnannad Dasa 360 28 15
Matsyavatar Dasa 349 36
Arjun Krishna Dasa 330 33 6
Kalanidhi Dasa 292 28 6 87
Sri Krishnadev Dasa 107 7 12
Acarya Dasa 37 7 12
Survansi Dasa 82 11 01 22
Sita Charan Dasa 44 01 5
Prahlad V Dasa 28 3 33
Deity Cart 30 5 1189
TOTAL 9767 1172 17 2262 7 sets



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