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September 28, 2017

By Acarya Dasa

On September 16th we arrived at the village of Kumbla, located 11 kilometers north of the town of Kasaragod, Kerala. We stayed there for two days.

Help from a Muslim brother

It had been raining heavily day and night for some time, so we couldn’t go out on saṅkīrtana. We managed to find a small accommodation for us in the village but couldn’t find anywhere to house the bulls. After searching for a long time we came across a house with a sheltered courtyard owned by a Muslim man. We asked him if we could tie the bulls in his courtyard and to our surprise, he readily agreed; the bulls stayed there for two days. The man lived together with his joint family and there were many children in the house. The kids would go outside and touch the bulls and feed them fruits; they were amazed to see such large animals. When the rain stopped shortly we went out on saṅkīrtana, distributed books and held a small class on the glories of the Holy Names.

The Lord connects everyone

The next day we were planning on leaving when the small daughter of the Muslim man grabbed the feet of the bulls. We took this as the Lord’s desire and decided to stay in the village for one more day to cover areas that we hadn’t been to because of the rain. Afterwards, the old mother of the Muslim man asked us when we would visit again, I said: “After 10 years.” When she heard this her eyes filled with tears and she asked me if we could eat something at her house. I said if she insists we could have some fruits which she happily served us. She also took a Bhagavad-gītā from me. I said to her. “Hindus are not reading Gita and Muslims are not reading the Quran that is the reason for fights all over. The Lord is one and we are all His children.” She agreed and asked for a small book for her grand-daughter as well. The all merciful Lord Caitanya connects everyone and gives His blessings to them.

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