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August 25, 2017

By Acarya Dasa

Our pāda-yātrā traveled to Payyoli on July 26th. Payyoli is a town on the Malabar Coast in the Kozhikode district in the state of Kerala and is located in between the Quilandy taluk and Kozhikode.

Chanting with school children

Balaramsvarupa Dasa, a disciple of Jayapataka Maharaj got news of our party arriving in town. He has been living and preaching in the area for many years now. When we arrived, he was there to meet us and to invite us to a government school preaching program. We all went together to the school where the teachers and children had gathered in a pandal on the school grounds. Everyone joined us in kīrtana, the kids danced happily and the Muslim teachers joined in too. After that, there was a chanting session and we attended a small class where students stated the importance of the Holy Names in Kaliyuga –and before leaving we distributed books.

After the program, Balaramsvarupa Dasa took us to his home. There was a very narrow path leading to his house, we thought that our cart may not fit all the way through, but thankfully we made it there without any problems. Upon reaching the house Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar were welcomed with ārati, garlands and bhoga offerings. Afterwards, we all had prasādam. The next day Balaramsvarupa Dasa walked with us to the border of town and thanked us for the wonderful preaching program and kīrtana.

Lost phone brings sincere soul

One day while I was driving the tractor my cell phone fell. When I noticed it was lost, I used another phone to call the number and luckily a man picked up. He said he had found the phone and that I should come to the police station to get it back. When I met him there I told him that he was a nice man because usually, nobody returns a lost cell phone. I then spoke to him about our preaching program and Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar. I called him later that day to invite him to the evening program which he happily attended. When I spoke to him after he said, “Can I also join you?” “Yes!” I replied and I introduced him to chanting and within a few days, he started chanting 16 rounds.

It so happened to be Ramayana Masam, the reciting of the Ramayan in Kerala. So, I gave him Krishna book and told him to read it every day at home. I called him a few days later just to check up on him and he told me that he was still chanting16 rounds and reading Krishna book. When we were about to leave he said to me, “All due to your mobile phone I got Lord Krishna.”  I told him that it was all the Lord’s arrangement; if you are eagerly searching for Him, He reaches you and engages you in His service. He is all merciful.

We have good news: our bulls Nandu and Kaliya who were not well recently have recovered and are ready to serve once again. Thank you to all the devotees who prayed for them!


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