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September 12, 2017

By Acarya Dasa

On August 25th we finally left the Kannur district and arrived at Trikaripur also known as Elambachi, a village in the Kasaragod District of Kerala. We visited the ‘Chakrapani’ temple located about 3 kilometers south of Trikaripur on the Thankayam and Elambachi road. It was here that Gajendra the elephant was liberated by the Lord.

Gajendra and the crocodile

Once long ago, Gajendra the king of the elephants was attacked by a crocodile while he was drinking water. A battle took place with both creatures holding onto each other with equal strength; this went on for 1000 years. Fortunately, Gajendra began to remember his original form and prayed to the Supreme Lord to free him from the painful death grip of the crocodile. Suddenly Mahavishnu appeared on the mighty Garuda  and killed the crocodile with his sudarshan cakra (disc weapon). Gajendra was liberated at last. The Lord appeared here to free his bhakta (devotee) and therefore a temple was built in honor of this pastime. We took darśana of the Lord and prayed for Him to protect us from all dangers and for there to be no obstacles on our path of bhakti (devotion). We also performed saṅkīrtana in the village and distributed 710 books.

For more details on the pastime of Gajendra follow this link

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