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August 25, 2017

By Vishnu Swamy Dasa

The last time we heard from the Telangana pāda-yātrā the devotees had left their chariot in the Khammam Sri Venkateswara Goshala. They then travelled to Mayapur Dham to attend the vyasa puja celebrations of Bhakti Vikas Swamy on May 20th.

On May 28th we returned to Khammam, and after retrieving our chariot we travelled to historical Nelakondapalli located on route from Khammam. Nelakondapalli is the birth place of Kancharka Gopanna more popularly known as Ramadasa a 17th-century devotee of Lord Rama and composer of Carnatic music. He also built a temple dedicated to Lord Rama in Bhadrachalam which is where we stayed while we were there.

Our party of four then travelled to Suryapeta, a new district headquarters and later to Bhonagiri which we reached on July 25th.  There was a big saṅkīrtana pāda-yātrā there which my Guru Maharaj, Bhakti Vikas Swami Maharaj and the Salem temple president Gokulchandra Dasa attended with other local leaders and devotees. We are currently staying at the Yadagiri Gutta farm and will be travelling towards Hyderabad next.

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