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Finally One Day Padayatra starts after Pandemic

June 17, 2021

By Murlimohan Dasa (Ahmedabad)

All India padayatra stayed at Bharkawada village for about 45 days. By their auspicious presence they converted the residents of whole village into devotees. As the padayatris were about to leave the village and march ahead, the villagers arranged a big farewell program for them. Many nearby devotees were also invited for the program. I had also gone with some devotees from Ahmedabad. In the afternoon on June 7 we arranged one day padayatra in the village.

The Padayatra covered the whole village and nearby areas by making the residents fortunate people by chanting the maha-mantra to establish world peace. Most beautiful part of this program was the children dancing in the kirtan and chanting the holy names as if they were devotees’ children. They were chanting whole maha-mantra, panch tattva mantra and Srila Prabhupada pranam mantra.

At many areas people raised their hands and chanted the mahamantra. Nearly 200 fortunate people videos were made by the devotees while in one day padayatra. We reached at 7:00 pm at the pandal where people gathered to welcome us.

Many people were fortunate to chant the mahamantra and participated in the padayatra. This was an impressive one day padayatra with many in attendance. Then all of them also attended the big Hare Krishna festival arranged by the villagers.

All glories to the All India Padayatris as it’s all their efforts they enlightened the whole village by their devotion and love. As the villagers heard the sankirtana they came out running as if sankirtana was pulling them out. They have enriched the village with the sankirtana movement. The village has also planned to have a temple of Lord Krishna in their village in near future.

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