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ISKCON Ahmedabad organizes Sankirtan Padayatras in 25 villages

March 29, 2021


By Muralimohan Dasa

By the kind blessings of our spiritual master Lokanath Swami Maharaja and with the support of all vaishnavas we organized sankirtana padayatras in 25 villages distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books, Holy name and Prasadam. We had pledged in the 2nd week of January to cover 125 villages distributing the holy name and books on the occasion of Srila Prabhupada’s 125th Birth Anniversary Festival 2021. Every Sunday we are trying to cover at least 3 villages, so that we can easily achieve our target of 125 villages. Apart from that in every village we had pledged for minimum 125 “Fortunate People” videos chanting ‘hare krsna’ mahamantra. Actually, we started this ‘Fortunate People’ chant after covering 7-8 villages; hence we are able to make chant only 2000 people (group chant and individual chant) till now. But we are gearing up by the good support of our team of devotees.

Here is the list of villages covered in One Day Padayatras.

  1. Himmatnagar
  2. Aagiyol village
  3. Bakrol
  4. Narimanpura
  5. Visalpur
  6. Sanathal
  7. Jivanpura
  8. Hasol
  9. Bhat – nr Shahibaug
  10. Ratanpar
  11. Bhat – nr Sarkhej gaon
  12. Kasindra
  13. Nanachapra
  14. Ambli
  15. Bopal
  16. Mumatpura
  17. Ghuma
  18. Manipur
  19. Joravarnagar
  20. Shela
  21. Telav
  22. Sarkhej
  23. Fatewadi
  24. Sanand
  25. Madhavnagar gaam


Book score: More than 1500 big books and 3700 small books are distributed.

Fortunate People videos score: More than 2000 people chanted (in groups and individuals).

We were fortunate to have All India Padayatra with us on Sunday 14th March at Sanand village. I was in constant touch with Acharya dasa since All India Padayatra had visited Surendranagar 12 days back, and we had planned regarding Padayatra reaching Ahmedabad. Our Sanand congregation and Ahmedabad Padayatra Sankirtan Team devotees welcomed All India Padayatra in Sanand and more than 70 devotees from Ahmedabad were present to welcome our Mother Padayatra. We performed grand sankirtan inspiring many souls making them fortunate.

One Day Padayatra joins All India Padayatra –

Making people Fortunate People –

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