Lokanath Maharaja driving the cart

By Lokanath Maharaja, Padayatra Minister.

It is exemplary what Muralimohan Prabhu organizes. I would like you to take note of this and see how you could organize one day Padayatras or even longer Padayatras – city to city/ one holy place to another etc.

Padayatras are what Prabhupada asked us (me) to undertake to spread the holy name. In this way we make Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s prediction come true. There is chanting in every town and village. This is not talking about predicting that chanting will be done one time in one place. No! Chanting will be done continuously all over the town. The target is not only the towns and the villages, but also in the buildings, behind the walls, in the streets. The target is the souls within the buildings and on the streets. Through this Nagar Sankirtana for one or more days the holy name is brought to more and more souls.