ByAcarya Dasa (All India Padayatra leader)

The All India Padayatra’s dearest ox Narsimha left this world and went back to Godhead on the auspicious occasion of Nirjala Ekadashi at Pandharpur dham.

Narsimha was twenty years of age and for fifteen years he hadserved in padayatra and completed one round of India. He was very submissive, never harmed anyone and was always ready to serve the Lord.I spent many years with Narsimha. Our padayatra oxen are not normal oxen but are transcendental. We treat them as the equalsof padayatris. They walk daily as we walk and carry Sri Sri Nitai-Gaurasundar on their shoulders.

Fortunately,Maharashtra Padayatra leader Damodharlila Dasa and I were in Pandharpur for a meeting, so we both could have Narsimha’s lastdarshan. He had become weak, was taking very little fodder and in his last days had totally given up eating. We both used to go to the goshala daily to meet Narsimha and could sense that he was weak, but we never thought he would leave us suddenly. We went to the goshala on June 18 just before I was to leave to rejoin padayatra in Bengal. We were glad to see him and similarly Narsimha also was pleased to meet his old friends. As I caressed him and patted his back and hump, I could feel the love and the sense of belonging in his eyes.

I got the news at 3:45pm that Narsimha had left this world. I was already on my journey and my heart was filled with love for Narsimha. Unfortunately,I could not attend his funeral but nevertheless did see him before his departure.Damodharlila and other Pandharpur dham devotees conducted his funeral rites and he was buried on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River amidst a sankirtan and holy name throughout.

The retirements of our oxen are more glorious than those of a human being. If they are diseased or have any ailment their retiring place is either Vrindavan dham or Pandharpur dham and from there they go directlyback to Godhead. After serving for fifteen years Narsimha had become infirm due to his age and we kept him in the Pandharpur goshala, so he had nice dhama vasa after his glorious seva in padayatra.

I request all of you to pray for the best destination for our dear Narsimha. Going back to Godhead may he continue with his service to the Lord.

Narsimha ki jai.

Here is video of its last rights at the bank of Chandrabhaga at Pandharpur dhama