Date: July 24th, 2016

As you’ll see below the pledge of the Padayatra Worldwide Ministry to organise at least 50 padayatras before the end of 2016 in order to celebrate ISKCON’s fiftieth birthday will be fulfilled very soon.


Padayatras on the road all year long:  2


1-  Padayatra India:  on the road since Sept 1984;  led by Acarya Dasa since September 2009


2- Andhra Pradesh/Telangana  (India): on the road since the end of 2012;  led by Visnuswami Dasa


Annual  padayatras:  11


 1- Odisha (India) : ISKCON Bhubaneswar’s  annual walk since 1992


2-   Tukarama Dindi from Dehu to Pandharpur via Pune (Maharashtra, India):  an annual 18 day 250 km walk organised since 1996 by ISKCON Pune


 3-  Aravade Dindi  from Aravade to  Pandharpur (Maharashtra, India): an annual  7 day 110km walk organised since 2001 by  ISKCON Aravade


 4- Solapur Dindi from  Solapur  to  Pandharpur (Maharashtra, India):  an annual 4  day 70km walk organised since  2006  by  ISKCON Solapur


5- Vraja Mandala Padayatra : Organised every year in Vrindavana by Parasurama Dasa during the month of Karttik.


6-  Czech Republic :  annual walk started by Rajaram Das in 1993, now led by Muni Priya Das and his son Nrsimha Caitanya Das since 2007


7-  Slovenia : annual walk since 2001, led by Lalita Govinda Dasa since 2002


8- Mauritius:  annual walk since 1984, now led by Ayodyanatha Dasa


9- Guyana:  annual walk organised  by  ISKCON Georgetown


10- South Africa: annual  padayatra near Durban; organised by  Bhakta Vinod, his wife Sadhana Shakti Devi Dasi and team  since 2012


11- Lithuania: annual Padayatra/Ratha-yatra; organised since 1995, led byAnanda Gaurangi Devi Dasi  since 2013


Padayatras done  since Gaura Purnima 2014:  21


1- Maharashtra  Dindi (Spring 2014 ) :a 64 day dindi from  Kolhapur to Nasik to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Lord Caitanya’s travels through Maharashtra, India ; organised by ISKCON temples and preaching centers in Maharashtra


2- Tamil Nadu (India):  a 2 week padayatra organised in April 2014  by Prasanna Shyam Dasa and team


3- Canada:  Fourth solo trek across Canada (May 24 to June 29, 2014)  by Bhaktimarga Swami


4- New Zealand:  Since February 2014  four short padayatras led by Yasodulal Dasa


5- Russia:  June to September 2014 and summer 2015 padayatras  organised by Narada Dasa


6- Suriname:  July 7, 2014 padayatra organised by Govinda Madhava Syam Dasa and team


7- France:  July 2015: Solo 190 km walk by Devarshi Dasa, from Angers to New Mayapur


8- New Zealand:  In July 2015 Yasodadulal Dasa embarked on a one year solo padayatra with a wagon pulled by a horse. A few months ago he let the wagon behind and leads a real sadhu life, totally depending on Krsna.  


9- Hungary: September 2015 (one week) by Bhakta Peter


10- Bhaktimarga Swami: September 20 to November 10, 2015, he  walked  962 miles  (1548 kms) from  Boston to New York to Butler, Pennsylvania


11- Gujarat (Ahmedabad): the one day trial walk (November 29th) was followed by the  « Week Walking Festival » (WWF) in January 2016. Organised by Murali Mohan Dasa


12- Goa:  Nov 27 to  Dec 3, 2015: one week walk  from Dudhsagar to  Miramar Beach (77 Kms)


13- Tamil Nadu, from Sri Rangam  to Kumbakonaman (February 2015) . Organised by   Prasanna Shyam Dasa


14- Zambia, Easter week-end March 2016; organised by Jaya Govinda Dasa


15- Detroit : May 14th2016 : 5h annual walk across the city, organised by Jambavan Dasa and ISKCON Detroit


16- England: May 30th- June 3rd,  from Hastings to Brighton (South).  organised by Parasurama Dasa and  Dayal Mora Dasa


17– Russia : May 12 to August 15, organised by Narada Dasa. Walk in the Ural region, the Central region, and then South Russia. After Moscow there will be bullock cart padayatra through some villages.


18- USA, New York to San Francisco, by Bhaktimarga Swami : started May 11th 2016


19-Sweden: July 1 to 8; organised  by Chandrabhaga Dasi


20-  La Réunion  (Island near Mauritius in the Indian Ocean):  July  15 to 17; organised by Nrsimha Tirtha Dasa from Mauritius and  the Apreva association  (from St Pierre  in La Réunion)


21-  La Réunion: July 23; organised by Rama Gopal Dasa, Doyalu Radha Dasi and team


Planned and already organised:  4


1- Iceland: July 28 to August 5; organised by Chandrabhaga Dasi


2- France (near New Mayapur farm): August 1 to 5; organised by Sundar Gopal Dasa


3– South Africa (around Johannesburg):  September 2016  , planned by Nama Hatta group headed by Padmanabha Dasa


4-  Tamil Nadu (Kanya Kumari): October 7th to 9th,  organised by  Vikrama Govinda Dasa


Planned : 8



1- ISKCON Noida : planned by Krsna Bhakta Dasa and team.

October 2016: walk from Noida/Delhi to Vrindavan,  with the  arrival  coinciding   with the beginning of the Vraja-mandala Parikrama.


2- South Africa:  2 week  padayatra near Port Elizabeth,  planned  by Svetadvipa Dasa


3- Mayapur to Kolkata: planned by Istadeva Dasa and Mayapur devotees


4- Bolivia: planned by  Nayana Manjari Dasi and friends


5- Mangalore (Karnataka): planned by Mangalore congregational devotees


6- Manipal to Udupi (Karnataka): planned by Bhakta Kishan and local devotees


7- Vallab Vidyanagar  to Dakor (Gujarat): planned by ISKCON Vallab Vidyanagar


8- Karnataka:  planned by Giridhari Shyam Dasa and Dauji Balaram Dasa



9- Poland, 7 to 10 days oxcart  padayatra organised by Mitra Hari Dasa and Ananga Manjari Dasi



Total  ( July 24, 2016):


Padayatras on the road all year long  (in India)                       2

Annual  padayatras (5 in India)                                                  11

Padayatras done  since Gaura Purnima 2014 (5 in India)    21

Total done                                                                               34

Planned and already organised                                                  4

Planned                                                                                           9

Remaining to be done                                                                 3

Total in India (done and planned) : 18


NB: Please note that the system to count  the padayatras is different from the time of Srila Prabhupada Centennial  when we counted the number of countries done. This time, each different  padayatra  in the same country is counted as one, unless  it is a continuous or an annual walk. This system allows us to honor the various  padayatras  taking place in India and other large countries.